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Milk powder unfit for consumption: Protest to WFP on 27-3-1973

News from archives – Same day 50 years ago

India has protested to the World Food Programme (WFP) against the supply under the ‘Operation Flood Programme’ of large quantities of milk powder and ghee found unfit for human consumption. This was stated by the Minister of State for Agriculture Prof. Sher Singh, in the Rajya Sabha to-day when he was questioned both by Congress and Opposition members for allowing the distribution of damaged milk powder and ghee received from the WFP in parts of the country.

Members expressed their horror and shock over the disposal of what they called “rotten” commodities among the vulnerable sections of the society. Replying to a call attention motion tabled by Mrs. Sumita Kulkarni (Cong.) and two others, Prof. Sher Singh said 4,084 tonnes of skimmed milk powder and 742 tonnes of ghee, rejected the Indian Dairy Corporation as unsuitable for recombination into liquid milk, were disposed of by the World Food Programme to various agencies in the country.

The damaged commodities disposed of by the WFP included 3, 184 tonnes of milk powder and 519 tonnes of ghee for refugee relief. The Maharashtra Forest Development Board and the Rajasthan Canal Board also received the milk powder and ghee. Besides, some quantities were also sold to bakeries and other food processors. Prof. Sher Singh said part of these “damaged” quantities was “only not suitable for recombination into liquid milk but was otherwise suitable for human consumption.”

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