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Milk is the power house of all the nutrients Listen Dr A K Srivastava

Stellapps Technologies in collaboration with ThinkAg, is pleased to invite you as a panellist to a webinar- ” Building Nutrition Security with Dairy: Role, Risks and Regulations”.

This webinar was held on 25th July from 4 PM to 5.15 PM IST.

Background: The awareness of nutritional security and the significant contribution of dairy towards meeting nutritional needs are crucial for today’s customers. The webinar aims to address various critical aspects related to the dairy industry and its role in ensuring nutritional security, upholding food safety standards, promoting integrity in packaging and labelling, and addressing misconceptions about dairy products. Speaker Dr A K Srivastava


Context – Milk is not healthy 1. Nutritional Security and Dairy’s Role:

• The current status of nutritional security

• The pivotal role milk plays in contributing to nutritional adequacy

• The significance of dairy in the broader nutritional landscape Que 1. Currently a lot much is being talked about milk not been a healthy food option.

As an authority on the subject, Kindly share the importance of milk as a nutritional backbone of human life during different life stages. (7-10 Minutes) Moderator: Kuldeep Sharma

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