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Milk coop societies stop buying milk from farmers afflicted by Covid

Farmers in the district complain that many milk producers’ co operative societies are stopping buying milk from the households where there are Covid-19 positive cases for the past 14 days. Thousands of poor and marginal farmers are into dairy farming for a livelihood and the decision of milk cooperative societies is causing them a lot of financial distress.

A dairy farmer Nagarajappa of Bisilavadi village in Chamarajanagar taluk, told The Hans India on Tuesday that ever since his daughter and son-in- law have been admitted to a Covid treatment centre, Bisilavadi milk producers’ cooperative union has stopped buying milk from him.

The union said it will take milk from him only after his daughter and son-in-law have completely recovered and left the hospital. This has forced him to use 10-12 liters of milk yield daily to feed calves, cats and dogs. Without regular income in this lockdown, it is difficult manage the household, he said.

When contacted, society secretary Mahesh said that ‘our decision is not intended to trouble farmer’. “If we come in contact with the infected persons or their contact, we will spread the virus. Hence, it is decided to stop buying milk for 8-10 days from the household where there are cases of infections,” he explained.

Chamarajanagar District Milk Federation president H S Nanjunda Prasad said that the district has 475 milk producers co-operative unions. He denied giving instructions to the societies to stop buying milk from Covid-19 patients’ homes. “It is a wrong decision and we will request all unions to buy milk from everyone,” said Nanjunda Prasad.

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