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Milk as seen from the eyes of a Food Regulator-Sh Pawan Agarwal

Session recording of Sh Pawan Agarwal Ex CEO FSSAI, Founder Food Future Foundation

Stellapps Technologies in collaboration with ThinkAg, Organised a webinar- ” Building Nutrition Security with Dairy: Role, Risks and Regulations”. on 25th July from 4 PM to 5.15 PM IST.

Background: The awareness of nutritional security and the significant contribution of dairy towards meeting nutritional needs are crucial for today’s customers. The webinar aims to address various critical aspects related to the dairy industry and its role in ensuring nutritional security, upholding food safety standards, promoting integrity in packaging and labelling, and addressing misconceptions about dairy products.

Speaker : Sh Pawan Agarwal ji Ex CEO FSSAI , Founder Food Future Foundation


Context : Milk is not safe or Milk is adulterated Food Safety Standards and Regulations: • Exploration of existing safety standards and regulations for milk • The effectiveness of their enforcement mechanisms Que 1. You joined CEO at Fssai at the time when the most mis-interpreted milk adulteration report of 2011 was the center of attention of all kinds of national media. Please elaborate your personal experience while evaluating the dairy food system in India during your tenure and the outcomes of subsequent surveys and initiatives like Fostac in retrieving back the confidence of masses ?

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