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Meet Kishore Indukuri, who earns Rs 17 lakh per day selling milk

Kishore Indukuri’s story is inspirational. He was an Intel employee in the United States with a hefty salary package. He left his comfortable life in America, returned to rural India and built a massive dairy business. Sid Dairy Farm in Hyderabad is the among the city’s best.

Kishore Indukuri was born in a middle-class household in Hyderabad. His father was an engineer in a private firm. He is originally from Karnataka. He did his graduation in chemistry from IIT Kharagpur. He then did his post graduation from the University of Massachusetts. He went on to complete his PhD from the same institute.

He joined Intel Corporation as an engineer in Arizona. He had bought a house in Chandler and was leading a comfortable life. However, he was searching for the missing link in his life. He returned to India and decided to open a business.

He started many businesses which failed. He gave people GRE and TOEFEL tuitions. He grew and sold vegetable. He wasted Rs 1 crore in opening these companies.

However, in 2012, he bought 20 cows and started a dairy farm.

He sold his milk for Rs 15 per litre against the production cost of Rs 30. He would do almost everything — from milking the cows to delivering the product.

He marketed his product as without water, medicines and hormones. He also asked his customers to try the product first and pay later. The strategy worked.

Soon, Indukuri became one of the biggest private milk suppliers in Hyderabad. His company procures pure milk from hundreds of farmers. They have thousands of daily customers.

He runs a farm with more than 100 cattle. He has over 120 employees.

He invested his entire savings in opening the business. He took a loan of Rs 1.3 crore and even purchased a massive farm in Shahbad.

He now runs the business on the subscription model.

The company’s 2020-21 revenue was Rs 44 crore in 2020-21. It grew to Rs 64.5 crore in 2021-22 (around Rs 17 lakh per day).

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