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Medha dairy project to start shortly in Daltonganj

The multi-crore Medha dairy project in Daltonganj is ‘most likely to be inaugurated/commissioned in this coming month of June.’

Secretary Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Co-operative, the government of Jharkhand, Ranchi, Aboobacker Siddique P, in a message to a query from this correspondent, wrote “The plant will be inaugurated shortly.”

General manager of the Jharkhand state co-operative milk producers’ federation limited Pavan Kumar Marwaha echoing the same ‘hope’ of what the secretary Aboobacker Siddique P had said in regard to this Medha dairy project in Daltonganj, said “I can’t tell you about the exact date of the dedication of this Medha dairy project plant to the public but I say this with conviction that by June this plant will start catering to the food and livelihood needs of the people.”

On being reminded that it took a very long time to get it operational Marwaha said “It’s a food business altogether. There can’t be any compromise on the quality of the product. Our Medha dairy project has to undergo a series of the most stringent and rigorous trials and tests. It did it successfully. Now, we are close to its opening for the public.”

The General Manager of the Jharkhand state co-operative milk producers’ federation limited said “It’s the World Milk Day on June 1. And all of us irrespective of age as from newborn babies (it’s mother’s milk but after all it’s milk)to 90 plus man who consumes milk in any form have a right not to have adulterated/synthetic milk and this World Milk Day on June 1 reaffirms to it to have good milk for all.”

This World Milk Day 2023 on June 1 has the theme – sustainable dairy: good for the planet, good for you.

Sources said the Medha dairy project once operational in Daltonganj is set to give a competitive market to a very popular brand Amul whose catchline is Amul: The Taste of India.

Milk marketers here opined that Medha dairy products will have to make a very aggressive entry here as popular brands of milk products have almost overtaken the consumer market.

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