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MD of Magadh dairy died of Corona at Gaya

All farmers and professionals working in dairy sector are no where less than a corona warrior. The whole nation is facing the wrath of this pandemic. The situation in Bihar is becoming grim and death toll is moving upwards.

Mr Awadhesh Kumar Karan, Managing Director Magadh dairy , became the first casualty of a high ranked dairy professional. He was sincerely delivering his duty and leading the team till recently. On July 13, Mr Awadhesh was admitted to the ANMCH Covid hospital . He couldn’t survive longer and passed away on July 15th. There has been complaints that the hospital staff is not doing their jobs sincerely.

The whole staff of Magadh dairy is in a shock. Sh Awadhesh began his journey as a marketing officer and reached to a level of Managing director. He got retired and was on two years extension at this position. Sh Kamlesh Kumar Singh and Sh Jitendra Kumar (ex chairman and current chairman of the dairy) joined others in offering their condolences to the departed soul.

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