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Madhya Pradesh govt in talks with Amul for selling the surplus milk

The Madhya Pradesh government is trying to reach an agreement with Amul on selling the surplus milk that gets wasted due to lack of demand.

Chief Minister Mohan Yadav recently addressed a joint meeting of Sanchi (MP’s cooperative dairy federation) and Amul officials in Ahmedabad.

Managing director of Sanchi Satish Kumar S told that an in-principle agreement has been virtually reached between the two to ensure that the milk producers get better prices and the cooperative sector will also be strengthened. The state is planning to sell surplus milk to Amul to increase the income of its milk producers.

According to Sanchi officials, more milk is produced in villages in Madhya Pradesh during the ‘flush season’ (mainly from August to January when production goes up due to better availability of fodder and other inputs).

MP’s Animal Husbandry Minister, Lakhan Patel, said just as Amul works through cooperative societies in Gujarat, in the same way, Madhya Pradesh will increase cooperative societies in the gram panchayats.

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