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Lord Krishna’s message on cows is still relevant’-Rupala at GIS UP

Inviting people to invest in UP’s dairy sector, Union minister for fisheries, animal husbandry and dairy minister Parshottam Rupala said that Lord Krishna’s message to the world that if you take care of cows then cows will take care of you, was relevant even today.
Promising to give 500 mobile veterinary units to UP in March, the minister said: “This message of Lord Krishna is effective even today. Animal husbandry is not new to India. Cows have been nurtured in India, especially in Gokul of Uttar Pradesh, since the time of Lord Krishna.” Elaborating on the possibilities available for investment in UP’s dairy sector, the minister added that UP tops in milk production in the whole country and through use of technology, the state could play an important role in milk production at the global level. He emphasised on UP’s law and order situation, saying that it had inspired people from across the world to invest in the state and credited CM Yogi Adityanath for having become a source of inspiration in the whole country.
UP minister for animal husbandry and dairy Dharampal Singh said that the cow “was not only a mother but a bestower of fortune”. Giving a glimpse into the state’s dairy policy and innovations, the minister said that 25 sectoral policies had been introduced in UP to invite investments. The UP Dairy Development and Milk Product Promotion Policy-2022 was a crucial document in this regard, which aimed at promoting milk production, helping farmers, improving the quality of cows and thereby milk. The policy, he said, was aimed at protection of cows and also ensuring an increase in the income of cattle rearers.
“UP is inspired by a strong democracy, power of youth and political stability. That is why there is ease of living and ease of doing business in the state. A stable and decisive government, a government run by good intentions, is ensuring development at an unprecedented pace,” he said.

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