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Lactel, France’s No 1 milk brand has launched its affordable UHT toned milk 1 Litre packet at an MRP of Rs 70 and looks to provide consumers with the best of nutrition. The launch of UHT milk marks the entry of the world-famous brand Lactel in India, which was founded in 1967 and today has over 50 years of experience and is present in over 50 countries. Groupe Lactalis in the past has had a strong involvement in the Indian Dairy Industry wherein several Indian dairy brands such as Thirumala, Anik and Prabhat are today part of the group.

Lactel UHT milk comes fortified with Vitamin A & D, covering the need for nutritional goodness, ensuring better immunity, stronger bones and muscles with strict regular quality checks. Lactel has now entered the Indian market as a brand ready to position itself with its strong focus on high quality products meeting existing French, Indian & global standards, while ensuring retention of all the nutritional goodness in their affordably priced packs.

UHT milk market is 0.8 million per day

Speaking about the launch of Lactel UHT Milk Mr. Rahul Kumar, Managing Director, Lactalis India said “UHT milk, with market size of 8 lakh litres a day in the country, is currently sold at Rs 64-74 a litre. Lactalis has priced the product at Rs 70 a liter. We would like to have a market share of 5 per cent (30-40,000 litres a day) in the next two years in this segment.”

Lactalis India comprises the three companies of Tirumala, Prabhat and Anik that it acquired during the last six years. The firm expected revenue of Rs 1,700 crore from Tirumala, Rs 1,400 crore from Prabhat Dairy and Rs 600 crore from Anik for financial year 2020-21.

Groupe Lactalis, a family owned company founded in 1933 and today, the world’s biggest dairy company, first acquired Thirumala in 2014, followed by Anik & Prabhat in 2016 and 2018 respectively thereafter, where it opened up enormous opportunities in the biggest and most challenging dairy market in the world. The traditional and cultural experience of the Indian brands and the international expertise of Lactalis has formed a unique and formidable combination, leading to a success story to be talked by generations to come. Lactel, France’s No. 1 milk brand, founded in 1967 is now being launched in India. With an experience of over 50+ years and being sold in 50+ countries across the world, Lactel brings out the best of nutrition in dairy.

The Hindustan Times Nov 18

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