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Kolkata Metro opens dairy kiosk of Red cow Dairy

In a bid to facilitate commuters with standout and innovative amenities, Kolkata Metro has opened a dairy kiosk at its station premises. “As a part of that continuous endeavour, a cow milk kiosk has been installed at Baranagar Metro station on August 3, 2022. Principal Chief Operations Manager, Satyaki Nath, inaugurated this kiosk and dedicated it to the service of commuters,” said an official of Kolkata Metro. He reiterated that more such dairy kiosks will be opened at different stations along the North-South corridor in a phased manner very soon.

According to sources, Kolkata Metro has provided M/s Red Cow Dairy Pvt Ltd ( a Kolkata-based organisation which manufactures poly pouch milk and various milk products) the required space in its premises to open kiosks at Baranagar, Sovabazar-Sutanuti, Netaji, Masterda Surya Sen and Kavi Nazrul Metro stations for selling its wide array of milk products.

Products available at the Dairy Kiosk Metro passengers can now get nutritious cow’s milk and healthy milk-made products at affordable prices. The official informed us that the dairy kiosk will offer for sale different types of milk products. These include milk, ghee, dahi, vacuum-packed paneer, evaporated milk, canned rasagolla, canned Gulab Jamun, sterilised paneer, sterilised cream, flavoured milk, and skimmed milk powder.

Non-fare revenue sources Apart from opening dairy kiosks, Kolkata Metro has also decided to rent its premises for film and brand promotions. According to Kolkata Metro, film producers can do the promotions of their upcoming films from 8 am to 8 pm. According to the official data, Kolkata Metro has earned Rs 10.01 crore from April 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021.

Apart from this, Kolkata Metro has ranked fourth among all zonal railways in terms of cumulative non-fare revenue earnings, with only 33 stations. Apart from that, Kolkata Metro has been focusing on revenue from advertisements inside and outside metro rakes, hoardings in open space, and revenue from new sources such as installing health check-up kiosks at various stations, and so on.

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