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KMF records highest one-day sales with 16.5 lakh litres curd and 51 lakh litres milk

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The scorching temperatures and the recently concluded festival season led to record sales of the Karnataka Milk Federation’s (KMF) Nandini products. Last week, the KMF beat all-time records for single-day sales by selling 16.5 lakh litres of curd and 51 lakh litres of milk.

Along with milk and curd, Nandini’s other products like flavoured milk and ice creams have also seen an increase in sales. “While heat is the main reason why the sales have increased, we also had festivals like Ugadi, Id-ul-Fitr, and Ram Navami which increased consumption,” said M.K. Jagadish, managing director, KMF.

The average sale of milk has increased by around three to four lakh litres (per day), while the average sale of curd has gone up by two to two-and-a-half lakh litres, the MD said. The sale of curd also includes the sale of buttermilk packets.

He also said that while the sales came down slightly after hitting an all-time peak, the increased demand is still sustaining.

Along with sales, the production of milk has also increased this summer season. “Farmers are focusing more on the dairy sector now (in the wake of drought) as it ensures a continuous flow of income. We have seen that milk production has increased by five lakh litres during summer,” Mr. Jagadish said.


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New products in Mysuru

The KMF has launched two new products – Ragi Ambali and probiotic curd in Nandini stalls in Mysuru. “They are selling around 10,000 – 15,000 litres of these products produced by the Mysore Milk Union. While their production capacity is limited for now, if it increases, then we can consider selling the products in other districts too,” Mr. Jagadish said.

He added: “Otherwise, if the sales pick up, we will replicate it at other production centres and then sell it”.

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