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Keventers Launches Range of Vegan Ice Cream in India

Keventers, a dairy brand and chain of restaurants with a legacy of 97 years, known for its milkshakes and ice creams, expands its product portfolio with its first range of vegan ice cream in India.

The company has launched two flavours — Vegan Strawberry and Vegan Dark Chocolate — in 100 ml and 450 ml consumer packs available at select Keventers’ stores across the country from the 20th of February, 2023.

Made with coconut milk instead of dairy and a “blend of the finest ingredients,” the new animal-free ice creams are lactose and gluten-free, with no artificial ingredients or added flavours, making them suitable for consumers with dietary restrictions, including gluten intolerance and dairy allergies. According to Keventers, vegan users approved the final product after multiple consumer trials.

Seeking innovation

Established in 1925 by Swedish entrepreneur Edward Keventer, Keventers claims to be the first milkshake brand made in India. It is famed for its iconic milkshakes and dairy offerings such as butter. The brand owned various dairy plants across the country to supply its many restaurants and other companies.

In the 40s, Keventers became a strong dairy supplier only to fall years later and remain dormant with a few kiosks and a main coffee point in New Delhi. Keventers was revived in 2015 by Agastya Dalmia, Aman Arora, and Sohrab Sitaram which kept the brand’s vintage tone while modernizing it for contemporary customers.

Today, the company has many kiosks, cafés, and brick-and-mortar restaurants across India. Customers can also find Keventers stores in Nepal, UAE, Oman, and Kenya.

Agastya Dalmia, Keventers’ founder and CEO, said: “We believe that everyone deserves exquisite treats without sacrificing taste, and we are confident that our customers will love the new vegan range just as much as we do! As a brand, our goal is to always look out for innovation and reach audiences in new ways. Hence, with our new launch, we are proud to introduce something delightful for all.”

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