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Jayshri Gayatri Food Products sets up a new dairy plant in UP

  • JGF is a leading B2B manufacturer and supplier of dairy products in the Indian domestic market and exports to over 20 countries globally
  • JGF Milk Magic is a domestic B2C brand offering a wide range of dairy products

Jayshri Gayatri Food Products have expanded its manufacturing capacity by setting up a new manufacturing plant in Kanpur District – Village Kumbhi. This new set-up, JGF Industries, is valued at INR 150 crores and has been implemented within six months.

JGF Industries has been set up on 14 acres of land in the Village Kumbhi and will be employing about 500 people to run the plant at full capacity. The new unit has been strategically located to meet the manufacturing demand of JGF while it will also boost milk procurement from local suppliers in the State (Uttar Pradesh).

Kishan Modi, managing director, Jayshree Gayatri Food Products, said, “We are grateful to chief minister Yogi Adityanath for enabling ease of setting up business in Uttar Pradesh through Atal Poorvanchal Udyogik Vikas Parishad and encouraging entrepreneurs like me to contribute towards the region’s socio-economic growth. Besides the manufacturing unit, we are also setting up state-of-the-art chilling centers and milk collection centers (MCC) at various locations in the catchment and will rope in 1.5 lakhs to 2 lakhs farmers under our umbrella.”

Speaking about investments in setting up JGF Industries in Uttar Pradesh, Nutan K Choudhry, chief finance officer, JGF Group, said, “This new factory of JGF Industries, which has been implemented within the record time of only six months with a direct Investment of Rs. 150 Crores would have been a challenge without the support of Atal Purvanchal Udyogik Vikas Parishad facilitating single window and ironing out any/all industry related bottlenecks while following full statutory compliances, as per law. Our new factory will be creating backward and forward integration vendors, boasting the economic growth of the region.”

The factory is all set to begin manufacturing value-added milk products like Ghee, Dahi, UHT Milk, Buttermilk, Skimmed Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Rennet Caseinate, Sodium Caseinate, Fat Filled powder, among other products.

Over the years JGF has enjoyed a strong foothold in the B2B segment of the domestic as well as the export markets. Constantly delivering to the high-quality standards of the export markets and an overwhelming acceptance from global consumers, JGF saw a huge potential of introducing a wide product basket under its brand ‘JGF Milk Magic’ in the Indian domestic consumer market.

Jayshri Gayatri Food Products is committed to manufacturing world-class food products and continuously upgrades technology to innovate and upgrade facilities as well as standards. The manufacturing facilities follow stringent processes to ensure that the quality of the products is maintained to match global standards.

The growing demand for different dairy products in India is expected to provide an opportunity to expand a range of value-added products. JGF focuses on modern processing techniques, building a modern supply chain, and marketing infrastructure for delivering high-quality requirements.

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