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ITC’s dairy business to focus on east India for next few years

The dairy business of diversified conglomerate ITC Limited will focus on east India, particularly West Bengal and Bihar, for the next few years, a company official said on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters on the launch of lactose-free milk here, chief operating officer (COO) of dairy and beverages business of ITC Sanjay Singal said that the dairy business is growing faster, though on a smaller base.

He said the fresh dairy business of the company started in West Bengal four years back, adding that the share of the division in the organised sector is substantial and growing.

Singal said that the dairy business is contributing less than ten per cent to the company’s FMCG revenue, of which it is a part.

According to him, there is no national player in the organised dairy business, adding that the market for fresh dairy (milk) in West Bengal is around Rs 4,000 crore to Rs 5,000 crore.

The company had already launched milk, curd, paneer, lassi and mishti doi (sweet curd) in the dairy business under ‘Aashirvaad Svasti’ brand so far.

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