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Introduction of milk with low fat content opposed

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The Consumer Protection Council, Tamil Nadu, has opposed Aavin move to supply milk with reduced fat content in blue coloured sachets.

In a representation to Minister for Milk and Dairy Development Mano Thangaraj, S. Pushpavanan, council secretary, said Aavin introduced 3.5% fat content milk by discontinuing 4.5% fat content milk in green packets. The move was dropped when the issue was flagged last month. Yet, Aavin had reintroduced it now. It was double whammy for consumers as they had to pay more for the milk with reduced fat content. While it cost ₹43 for a litre of milk with 4.5% fat, consumers had to pay ₹44 for a litre of milk with 3.5 % fat. Milk in 200ml pack also cost more.

Mr. Pushpavanam said there was a huge demand for Aavin milk as the quality was good. But Aavin was not interested in tapping the potential to increase its sales and profit. The agents were allowed to charge more than the Maximum Retail Price. The supply was also often delayed or disrupted. The stakeholders were not consulted before dropping 4.5% fat content milk. If Aavin thought 3.5% fat content milk was healthy, the prices should be reduced. Similarly, milk with 4.5% fat content should also be continued. It was for the consumers to buy milk of their choice.


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The move would bring a bad name to the State Government at the time of elections. The Minister had earned the displeasure of consumers at a wrong time. Hence, the move should be dropped immediately. Aavin could be made profitable by reducing corruption and improving the overall efficiency, Mr. Pushpavanam added. .

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