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India could become dairy basket of the region

India is the largest producer of milk in the world. Indian government has recently taken a few initiative to strengthen dairy infrastructure in the country. These initiatives include Animal husbandry infrastructure fund for Rs 15000 Crores.

PM Modi always insist on pushing exports and limiting imports under the make in India scheme. Currently India is a major exporters of milk and milk products in SAARC , South east countries and middle east.

Sh R S Sodhi MD Amul said that the government programs will help the sector to grow in next 5-10 years. The government has well identified dairy as a sector with huge potential of growth and exports, he added. Amul has earlier asked government to not to allow imports from milk surplus countries like New Zealand and Australia. This was done to protect the interest of Indian dairy farmers.

Rs 15000 Crores Animal husbandry Infrastructure fund will help in creating additional capacity of 5 crore lpd of milk. This would further help in creating employment to 30-35 lakhs people. India has a legitimacy to establish itself as a dairy basket of neighbouring region.

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