jayen mehta in talks with Businessworld

In the inaugural episode of BW #OnTheRoad, we bring you an exclusive interaction with Jayen Mehta, Managing Director, Amul with Arjun Yadav of BW Businessworld. Amul, the country’s largest dairy producer, is ready to level up and enter the competitive Indian FMCG space.

It is also eyeing the Rs 1 lakh crore revenue milestone by FY 25, compared to the Rs 72,000 crore revenue in FY 22-23. Apart from that, Amul, which is known for its success with the cooperative societies model has enabled dairy farmers to get by the pandemic days without a scratch.

Jayen Mehta talks about Amul’s ESG plan going forward, its expansion plans in South India and, last but not least, Amul’s next steps as it prepares to compete with Indian FMCG giants. @AmulTheTasteofIndia#BWBusinessworld#OnTheRoad#Amul

Source : BW Business world Channel May 23 2023

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