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HP CM Allocates Rs 250 Cr for Modernizing Milk Plant in Kangra

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu visited the milk processing plant in Dhagwar, located in Kangra District, and announced a significant investment of Rs 250 crore to upgrade the facilities. This move is part of the state government’s commitment to developing a robust milk-based economy and improving the rural economy as a whole.

Chief Minister unveiled the “Him-Ganga” scheme, which aims to collect milk from cattle rearers and promote the sale of milk by-products. The scheme seeks to ensure fair prices for milk based on its actual cost and enhance the quality and efficiency of milk procurement, processing, and marketing systems.

To protect milk producers, particularly those from marginalized sections of society, the government will shield them from regional and seasonal price fluctuations. Initially, the “Him-Ganga” scheme will be launched on a pilot basis, connecting farmers and gradually expanding to cover other areas. An allocation of Rs. 500 crores have been made for this ambitious initiative.

CM Sukhu highlighted the importance of establishing Milk Producers’ Cooperative Societies to effectively market milk and its products. These cooperatives will play a crucial role in increasing the income of milk farmers. Furthermore, the success of the “Him-Ganga” scheme hinges on the establishment of new milk processing plants and the upgrading of existing facilities. This will involve developing the necessary infrastructure and supply chains in a phased manner.

Agriculture Minister Prof Chander Kumar commended the Chief Minister’s innovative approaches to boost the rural economy. He highlighted the Congress party’s assurance to purchase cow milk at Rs. 80 per litre and buffalo milk at Rs. 100 per litre, signaling a forthcoming milk revolution in Himachal Pradesh.

Local MLA Sudhir Sharma expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister for charting a roadmap to enhance the Dhagwar Milk Plant. This investment and development in the milk processing sector are expected to have a positive impact on the livelihoods of farmers in the region. During his visit, Chief Minister Sukhu also inspected the site of the Bio Diversity Park at Narwana, emphasizing the government’s commitment to preserving and promoting biodiversity in the state.

The development of new processing plants, improved infrastructure, and fair pricing mechanisms will contribute to the growth of the milk-based economy and bring positive change to the lives of cattle rearers and milk producers across the state.

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