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Heritage extends French yogurt brand Mamie Yova’s footprint

Dairy company Heritage Foods Ltd has announced its foray into the ready-to-eat segment with the launch of Heritage Tikka Panee;r while expanding its yogurt footprint by launching it in Hyderabad.

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The Tikka Paneer comes with pre-marinated Paneer, mixed with curd, both produced at Heritage facilities, and a masala blend. It takes 30-60 seconds heating in an oven or a microwave and is ready to eat. It is available with microwavable trays, with easy to understand instructions for use.

More launches planned

N Brahmani, Executive Director, Heritage Foods Limited, said; “In line with the company’s strategy of expanding value-added product portfolio. Heritage Foods has entered into a new Ready to Eat, Heat n Eat segment. Heritage Paneer Tikka is the company’s first product in this segment. And the portfolio will be expanded with many other launches.”

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On the launch of French yogurt brand Mamie Yova in Hyderabad, Brahmani said.“Heritage Novandie is proud to bring Mamie, the beloved mascot, to Hyderabad after launching it in Maharashtra and Gujarat.”

The ‘Deliciously French’ fruit yogurt is available in mango, strawberry, lychee and blueberry flavours along with ‘Yo Pop’; a drinkable yogurt, which is available in banana, vanilla, pina colada and mango flavours through the company’s omnichannel distribution network.

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