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Gujarat government privatized Mobile Veterinary services in the state

Gujarat will become the first state in the country by privatizing the operations of 10 of its Mobile Veterinary dispensary (MVD services from June 1. The operations have been handed over to a private company GVK-EMRI from June 1, 2020. These vans provide the services of animal health care, vaccination, deworming, etc to every village of Gujarat and was operated by the government owned state animal husbandry department. In Gujarat state around 1150 posts are vacant which is 43% of the total veterinary officers requirements by the department. As per the norms there should be one veterinary clinic for every 5000 animals against which there is one hospital for every 27000 animals. Around 5000 veterinarians in the state with BVSc AH degrees are not happy with this decision. The main reason for unrest is also the way the private company increased the work hours from 8 to 12 hours and reduced the wages to Rs 40000 from Rs 45000 in 10 MVDs. The privatization has been initiated amid the ongoing contract period of 460 veterinarians on 10 MVDs.

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