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Goa dairy farmers say no to Chinese Milk testing Machines

There has been a standoff between Indian and Chinese armies in Galwan valley since May 5.This has reinforced the Opposing Chinese products campaign in India further. The Goa Dairy farmers on Tuesday opposed the Chinese make milk testing machines supplied by the State government.

The farmers told that boycotting the Chinese milk testing machines is also part of the campaign on relinquishing Chinese products. Goa Dairy farmer Sanjeev Cuncolienkar along with Bhartiya Kisan Sang Goa Pradesh Secretary Shrirang Zamble made this demand.

This situation occurred after Goa dairy procured two Chinese machines in anticipation of poor performance of the existing machines . However the farmers objected to it and questioned the authorities on their assessment of available machines without installing them. The farmers asked the state government to scrap any deal with Chinese Supplier for any dairy related purchase.

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