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Genomic selection in Gujarat launched jointly by NDDB and GCMMF

Mr Meenesh Shah, ED NDDB and Sh R S Sodhi, MD GCMMF signed a historic MOU on May 18,2021 at Anand. This collaboration will be to expand reference population for genomic selection. In order to develop the genomic inventory the performance of a set of animals will be recorded over a period of time.

In the next 5 years , performance of nearly 1.9 lakh cattle will be recorded for their milk productivity, fat, SNF & protein , reproductivity, disease occurrence, phenotype and animal’s behaviour etc. Sunbsequently around 50% of these recorded animals will be genotyped and the data generated will help in Genomic Breeding value extimation with better accuracy.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Shah said that genomic selection is dependent on size of reference population that are performance recorded and genotyped. Accuracy of genomic selection increases with expansion of reference population. Popular cow breeds like Gir, Kankrej, and crossbred cows and Mehsana, Jaffarabadi, Murrah buffaloes will be covered under this program. It is proposed that all the bulls selected for Gujarat’s semen stations will be genomically selected ensuring genetic merit.

Shri Sodhi informed that GCMMF and Milk Unions of Gujarat will play a crucial role in genomic selection. Extensive artificial insemination coverage and capacity to produce semen by milk unions will also help in faster dissemination of good genetics to farmers.

The project will fast-track genetic progress in cattle and buffaloes not only for their milk production potential but also for regular reproduction, reduced disease incidences and improved appearance.

NDDB has been testing blood samples from more than 70000 cattle with productivity records through Progeny testing and pedigree selection since 2014. NDDB has also developed custom genotyping chips INDUSCHIP and BUFFCHIP for genotyping cattle and buffaloes respectively. Till date more than 20,000 cattle have been genotyped using these chips

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