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Gen Z leads the trend in dairy consumption

Gen Z leads dairy consumption in China dairynews7x7

Gen Z consumers, or those born between 1995 and 2009, are leading the trend in dairy product consumption in China, and those young consumers care about the functions and qualities of dairy products, a new report found.

They have been paying particular attention to the nutritional content, source areas and environmentally friendly packaging of dairy products, according to a survey recently released by the China Dairy Industry Association and Royal FrieslandCampina, the largest dairy firm in the Netherlands.

In addition, more than 90 percent of Gen Z parents pay attention to scientific feeding, and young parents are concerned about the nutritional compositions of infant formula, the report said.

The report found that the milk quotient of Chinese consumers is 66.8 points out of 100 this year, the highest reading since the survey began, showing that consumers’ awareness, knowledge, and behavior of having dairy products have all improved and entered a new stage. The China milk quotient, an indicator system launched in 2018, is determined through industry research and expert workshops.

According to the latest Chinese Dietary Guidelines, Chinese adults have been recommended to consume 500 grams of milk or equivalent dairy products daily.

“The continuous improvement of the milk quotient of Chinese consumers indicates the country’s science popularization work has made positive progress, and more people have realized the importance of consuming dairy products,” said Song Kungang, former chairman of the China Dairy Industry Association.


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“Young people are leading the trend of dairy consumption. This requires the dairy sector to innovate and bring consumers better products and experiences continuously,” Song said.

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