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GCCI pushes fodder cultivation among dairy farmers

GCCI fodder crisis in goa dairynews7x7

With the aim of increasing milk production in the state the GCCI conducted a training workshop for dairy farming to encourage them to take up fodder cultivation both as sole crop and as an intercrop in a coconut plantation.

Orlando Rodrigues chairman, agriculture committee, GCCI explained the outreach programme under the GCCI Krishi Sampark Abhiyaan. The training is aimed at bringing together dairy farmers and coconut growers to grow fodder for sale to dairies in which are facing a dire shortage of fodder, he said.

“Of the 3 lakh litres per day milk requirement only one lakh litre is produced in Goa and the balance is sourced from neighbouring states. The Goan yield of milk is dropping day by day due to high cost of fodder. In every rupee earned by the farmers 72 paise is used for fodder and the other costs had to be borne in the balance 28 paise which is uneconomical,” pointed out Rodrigues.

Green cattle fodder is not available in Goa and the landed cost from neighbouring states is almost Rs 9 per kg. Rodrigues urged farmers to grow fodder in vacant spaces in their farms the cost of which is  only Rs 2.50 per kg.

“In one acre it is possible for a net income of Rs 1,20,00 in the first year ,double in the second year and further more in the third year. A special fodder grass has been developed which can grow 3 mts tall and can be harvested for three years. Growing fodder will help in increasing farmer income and also make milk production viable to dairy farmers. It is the easiest of the cash crops which can be grown in Goa,” said Rodrigues.

As part of the Krishi Sampark Abhiyaan the GCCI felicitated successful farmers in the state. Earlier during the event  the chief guest, Pratima Dhond congratulated all the state awardee farmers for their achievements through dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to agriculture. Farmers have contributed significantly to the prosperity of our state.  Young awardees must be congratulated for taking up agriculture and not depending on jobs. In fact farmers are creating jobs,” she added.



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Sanjay Amonkar, director- general GCCI,  welcomed the gathering and  Ambika Dhakenkar, deputy director proposed the vote of thanks. Dr. Raghunath Dhuri, Miguel Braganza and Sanjay Alberto, director Timblo Farms also spoke on the occasion

The farmers were felicitated in a function at Satixa Farms, Sanguem. The felicitated farmers include   Krishi Ratan Hemant Sawant,  Krishi Vibhushan  Mahesh Gaunker,   Krishi Bhushan  Dayanand Fal Dessai and Krishna Gaonkar recipient of  Fr Inacio Almeida Award

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