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FSSAI and ASCI verifying immunity claims of food products launched during Covid

Dairy and food companies launched a large number of healthy products during the lock down period. There are three key elements of new product development namely health and nutrition, indulgence and convenience. Most of the companies focussed on health and nutrition while developing and launching their products. Also read Mother Dairy Launches Haldi Doodh

Ayush ministry also ran extensive awareness campaigns to promote use of immunity boosters like Haldi, tulsi, ginger etc. Dairy industry took this opportunity to launch flavored milk with these variants. Also read Amul Launches Ginger and Tulsi milk in Corona times

Hotels, restaurants and canteens consumes a lot of value added dairy products. All of these consumption points underwent a closure during the lock down period. The demand of dairy products declined by nearly 20-25 % due closure of this segment only.

The demand for on the go beverage also slumped down as 80% due to limited movement of people . The food companies started to develop innovative products to create Covid specific demand opportunity. The products offered health benefit through immunity boosting with a capacity to induce indulgence through taste .

Immunity boosting claims beyond food category

Such product launches were not limited to food industry but companies launched immunity boosting textiles as well as mattresses. Advertising Standards council of India (ASCI) as well as Food safety and standards authority of India took a serious note of all such claims.

FSSAI put most of the products with immunity boosting claims under its scanner for verification. It includes immunity fighting immuno bread, khakra, chyawan prash / haldi flavored ice creams and biryanis.

Modern foods , Siyaram textiles and Arihant mattresses have removed their advertising campaigns with immunity boosting claims. Chyawanprash ice cream is currently under scanner , the ice cream got a lot of resistance on social media also at the time of its launch. Also read Dairy Day Plus : Immunity boosters enters Ice creams

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