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Farmers urge dairy officials to clear dues in Telangana

Representatives of the Telangana Rythu Sangham briefed Telangana State Dairy Development Cooperative Federation officials about the challenges faced by dairy farmers. They sought clearance of pending bills and the incentive of Rs 5 per litre promised during the election campaign.

In a note to officials, the sangham expressed concern about the overdue bills from Vijaya Dairy for the last two to three phases, leading to a decline in milk collection as farmers turned to alternative private dairies. The sangham said the increase in prices by Rs 5 per litre was essential and pointed out that rising input costs, such as fodder, have added to the financial burden on farmers.

Among their key demands, the representatives sought insurance coverage for cattle, access to loans from banks, and sessions organised to enhance the knowledge and understanding of dairy farmers. T. Sagar, state general secretary, P. Janga Reddy, state president, and Mood Shoban, state joint secretary represented the sangham.

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