malabar milk collection stopped

Covid wave 2 and its restrictions are making lives of dairy farmers in Malabar region of Kerala state miserable. Keralas state milk cooperative federation Milma has stopped collecting evening milk from the farmers in six districts of Malabar region. The collection has been stopped from Tuesday May 18 2021. The Federation is facing problem with access milk due to drop in sales . This drop is emerging out of lockdown like situation in the state due to second wave of Covid-19.

Milma under current circumstances is even unable to send excess milk to Tamil Nadu . Milma has to send it for conversion of excess milk into SMP and butter. Last year Kerala got the first award by the agriculture ministry for disseminating best practices in animal husbandry to farmers . This inspired more and more farmers to enter dairy farming . This has helped in increase in milk production in the state currently. On the other hand closure of restaurants, hotels, tourism centers and limited time for domestic sales has reduced the demand.

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Last week the federation requested government for support for handling the excess milk production and cost of converting the same. As per the top officials the milk procurement will resume on both times after the lockdown is lifted. The plight of thousand of farmers is at stake currently as they have to throw 40% of their milk which they produce.

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