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European dairy farmers wheel plaster cows through Brussels to demand ‘fair’ milk prices

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European dairy farmers took to the streets of Brussels with their tractors on Monday calling for better income for their produce.

Farmers demonstrated under the slogan “Fair income for farmers now.” In contrast to previous demonstrations of angry farmers, the protests remained peaceful.


The protests took place as EU agriculture ministers met in the Belgian capital to address their concerns.

The European Milk Board (EMB), an umbrella farming group, organized the demonstration with farmers from more than 15 countries taking part.

Demonstrators brought big life-sized plastic cows in different national colours to demonstrate the diversity of the farmers in the protest.

Official numbers of participants were not initially available. Prior to the demonstration, the police had asked citizens not to travel to the city by car but by public transport.

The local transport company announced that several buses would be diverted due to the protests.

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European dairy farmers held banners and flags during a protest calling for better income for their produce on the side European Agriculture ministers’ meeting in Brussels.
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