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Epigamia launches 100% plant based yogurt line

Epigamia brand is synonymous to greek yogurt and smoothies in Indian market. The brand has now diversified its product portfolio in 100% plant based yogurt line using coconut milk. As per CEO of Epigamia Mr Rohan Mirchandani, the current launch took months of hard work in product development .All dairy companies are looking at emerging demand in dairy alternative segment. This segment mainly comprise of plant based substitute for dairy products.

Epigamia has introduced this new plant based yogurt in two flavors as unsweetened and coconut jaggery. It will be the first 100% plant based product launch by the Indian greek yogurt brand . The product is free from any preservative.

The product will be available at company’s own e commerce website in the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore,Delhi,Gurgaon, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Dairy is well-known to be a carbon-intensive food. Globally, the dairy industry is responsible for 4% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, mostly in the form of methane due to the raising of cows. In comparison, the entire aviation sector contributes 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Epigamis is also taking steps in reducing the environmental stress by using recyclable packaging for these new variants. Epigamia has joined hands with Recykal to collect back the packaging used and recycle it.

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