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Demand for Nandini buttermilk skyrockets in Kalyana Karnataka

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As mercury rises, the demand for Nandini buttermilk is going up in Kalayana Karnataka districts as people drink it to beat the heat along with cold water, tender coconut and juices.

People have been opting for juice and cold drinks to keep themselves cool during daytime. Along with this, people are also buying buttermilk, which is considered to be good for summer.

Demand for Nandini buttermilk skyrockets in Kalyana Karnataka

According to Karnataka Milk Federation data compiled from Kalaburagi, Bidar and Yadagir districts, there was 1,243 litres per day demand in the month of February but it increased to more than to 4,615 litres of buttermilk per day in the month of March. This may also increase in April and May.

Right now, 200 ml buttermilk packets have been flying off the shelves. A total of 6,215 packets per day used to be sold in February, which went up to 23,075 packets per day in March.

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According to KMF data, the demand for buttermilk in March 2024 has increased up to 200% when compared to March 2023, and In March 2023, the demand for buttermilk was 2,830 litres per day.

Along with buttermilk, demand for curd has also increased this summer. The demand in February 2024 was 9,618 litres per day, which went up to 10,821 litres per day up to March 20, 2024.

Managing director of Kalaburagi, Bidar and Yadagir Milk Federation Pandurang Patil told TOI that the taste of Nandini buttermilk is like home-made buttermilk, which is why people are opting for it this summer.


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