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DAIRY NEWS 1 lakh farmers in Haryana to get Pashu Kisan Credit Card by the month end

The banks in Haryana have been asked to issue 1 lakh Kisan Credit Card (KCC) by the end of month. The banks have already sanctioned more than 26,000 credit cards. The department has obtained over 2 lakh proposals for the same. The banks have been asked to speed up the process of issuing the card to the borrower within 14 days.

Mr TVSN Prasad, Chief Secretary, Haryana, emphasised on attaining the goal to sanction 1 lakh proposal by the month-end . He was addressing bank’s representatives from the State level Banker’s Committee (SLBC).

A senior banker stated that the banks have already scheduled block-wise camps for various blocks . And 132 camps had already been organised in July for the farmers. The banks obtained around 1.56 lakh proposals in July only. These proposals have been dispatched to different bank branches for sanctioning purposes. Also read 9000 dairy farmers in Goa will be given collateral free loans : Pramod Sawant CM

16 lakhs farmers to get benefitted under the scheme

Additionally, the controlling heads of all banks have been asked to pay special attention to this scheme . They are also required to sensitise the area functionaries in this regard. Every bank should give in-principle approval to each of such proposal within 7 days . Concurrently the proposal must meet the compliance norms from the Animal Husbandry department. The ultimate sanction for issuing the KCC must be finished within 7 days.

For the present fiscal, the banks goal is to cover eight lakh dairy farmers under this scheme. The bank-wise goal has already been provided to every bank by the SLBC. Also read Could Dairy sector patronize migrant workers and urban masses ?

It’s estimated that there are round 63.09 lakh dairy animals (cows and buffaloes) within the state. These are reared by about 16 lakh farmers in the state. In December last year, the state authorities had launched Pashu KCC for the farmers. It was being launched so as to meet short-term credit requirements of farmers for rearing the animals.

As per news coverage in The Tribune

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