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Dairy Day Plus : Immunity boosters enters Ice creams

Dairy Day ice creams is amongst the top 10 Ice cream brand in India. It has a strong footprint in Maharashtra, Goa, Puducherry,Telangana,AP, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Dairy day launched a new category Dairy Day Plus especially made out of immunity boosting inputs.

Dairy day would probably the first ice cream company in the world to launch ice creams in Haldi and Chyawanprash flavor. health and nutrition are becoming the key elements of the latest consumer trends. Immunity is at the core of perceptual map of every consumer while purchasing any food product. Dairy Day ice cream has developed these products at their central R&D facility at Bengaluru.

The developed flavors are well in line with the ongoing consumer trends. Haldi flavored variant offers benefits of Haldi, pepper and honey. The chyawanprash variant will be offering benefits of Amla, dates and honey. There is no use of artificial flavors or colors while making these two variants .

Dairy Day ice cream produces around 1.4 lakh litres per day of ice cream at two of their plants in over 2 lakh sqft area. The new range is available for Rs 20 for a 60 ml cup and 700 ml take home pack for Rs 199. The company has 150 products in 30 flavors and are available at 30000 retail outlets in different states.

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