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Creamline dairies launched Protein Plus milk

Creamline dairy products LTD (CDPL is a subsidiary of Godrej Agrovet Ltd. The company’ owned Jersey brand is available in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh,Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and parts of Maharashtra.

CDPL has ten plants with a total turnover of Rs 1160 Crores. The company has around 30% market share in value added products segment in their served market. As per Sh Raj Kanwar Singh , CEO, CDPL, the company is doing a substantial capital expenditure for consolidation.

CDPL has identified three areas for investment. The first area is to install modern equipment to improve food safety and quality. The company is also investing in de-bottlenecking of capacity expansion in some of their plants. Lastly the direct to farmer and direct to retail infrastructure will be strengthened for more procurement and sales.

CDPL has added three plants in the last 18-24 months both therough acquisitions and creating greenfield projects. The company has seen a drop in sales by 20% due to closure of complete HORECA sector .

R&D team of CDPL developed Protein Plus milk with 30% more protein than regular toned milk. Protein plus milk will be available at Rs 40 per 500 ml SKU in Hyderabad market. CDPL is positioning this product to address the protein deficiency in India. Initially the company has a capacity for processing 100000 LPD near Hyderabad.

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