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Covid-19 Fall in milk prices put pressure on dairy farmers in Maharashtra

Milk was sold at Rs 30 to 35 before the corona outbreak in Maharashtra state. After the lock down the demand of all milk and milk products plummeted and milk prices came down to Rs 20-22 per liter. A large number of cottage milk processors are also engaged in making Khoa, curd, paneer etc . Duirng Covid-19 even their businesses also inched towards closure and they had to sell their milk products at very low prices. Nandura town near Buldhana district is famous for its Khoa market and that has also been closed due to Covid. Such low realization of milk prices has led to reduction in feed given to the animals in the state. In Amrawati district milk prices have dropped down from Rs 38 to Rs 37. For a farmer with 100 litres of milk , the loss is to the tune of Rs 1000 per day and it has led to sale of cows by the farmers  also. Thought the state government has announced a scheme to collect 10-11 lakh lpd of milk from the farmers but that scheme is not working out well for the poor farmers in Maharashtra.

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