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Country Delight products seized by Telangana FSSAI in Hyderabad

It has been found that Country Delight Milk Dairy is selling ghee in the state without permits. Officials have found that they are doing business in crores at will without taking any permission from the government. Telangana government food inspectors conducted inspections at the plant in Sangareddy.

It has been revealed that Country Delight has not obtained FSSAI approvals in Telangana for the sale of their milk products. It was found that Country Delight Ghee, which was stored as Farm to Home, was being offered to the consumers. To this extent, the officials seized 1,500 liters of ghee worth Rs.52 lakh and issued a notice to Country Delight.

The management of Country Delight responded to this matter. It has been revealed that Country Delight ghee products will be stopped in the state for a few days. To this extent, WhatsApp messages have been sent to customers. “Dear Customer, Country Delight Ghee will not be available to order for a few days.

We are aware that we need to apply for an additional license to sell ghee in Hyderabad apart from the ones we have. We will apply for the additional license immediately and hope to be able to deliver the ghee to you within 2 weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.” They sent messages to customers

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