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Demand for functional dairy ingredients has never been higher. This is largely driven by the high-protein trend – consumers increasingly understand the proven benefits of high-quality proteins, in particular those from whey, for muscle growth, weight management and satiety.

Arla food ingredients recently conducted a survey of European consumers. The objective of survey was to find their perceptions of natural and organic products.

Healthy and natural stood out as the main characteristics for consumers while buying food products. 53% of the surveyed consumers considered organic version of food to be more nutritious than non organic.

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43% of them considered naturalness as most important while buying high protein beverages. 73 % told that they would buy more organic dairy products subject to availability. These findings are as per Lindberg’s International publication of 2019 . This was a consumer study report on perception of organic food products and habits.

A similar study in China showed that made with real ingredients and no artifical flavor or colors are the most important claims for consumers. Ambient yogurt segment in China became the fastest growing segment in liquid dairy market.

This category accounts for 30% of entire yogurt market of China. Arla food ingredients has launched a clean label ambient stirred yogurt concept containing five all natural ingredients.

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