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Citizens complain of poor quality of milk; KMF Bangaluru

Several Bengalureans had an unpleasant morning on Wednesday and Thursday as their plans to sip a hot cuppa were foiled by spoilt milk. Much to the surprise of many, the regular Nandini toned milk (blue packet) supplied by Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) was spoiled.

Many people even called up the helpline number and shared their experiences. The incident was not confined to one place as many from other areas of Bengaluru also began sharing similar experiences. Interestingly, all the citizens who had an unpleasant experience had bought milk from dealers of KMF’s Mother Dairy at Yelahanka. In several cases, the dealers were also caught off guard when they began to receive complaints as early as 6am.

A milk dealer, who did not want to be named, said: “More than 10 customers complained to me about spoilt milk in less than one hour since the opening of the shop. Our customers are demanding a refund and to date, no word from KMF officials.”

A Twitter user said while it was toned milk which was spoiled on day one, the very next day it was the special milk (orange packet).

STOI reached out to KMF officials and one of them said: “As it is the beginning of summer, there could be issues with refrigeration at the customers’ end. We will create awareness among customers. Out of 20 lakh litres of milk supplied to Bengaluru, only 10-5 litres may have been spoilt. But we are not aware of any complaints about spoilt milk.”

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