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CavinKare offers ‘protein-rich’ cheese in its dairy portfolio

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) major CavinKare has strengthened its dairy portfolio by offering ‘protein-rich’ cheese under its flagship brand Cavin’s. The new product will be available in slice, spread and block variants. With this offering, the brand also plans to scale its position into one of the top three players in the consumer segment, CavinKare said in a statement.

In an effort to expand market presence and to gain a strong foothold in the dairy segment, Cavin’s has in the pipeline various offerings such as yogurt and butter. Besides, it also plans to launch cheese in diverse exotic and indigenous flavours in all major markets across India.

Block cheese and spread cheese will be available in 200 gm priced at ₹160 and 180 gm priced at ₹120, while slice cheese would be available in 100 gm for ₹90 and 480 gm at ₹400.

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