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The launch aims to further strengthen Cavin Kare’s diary offering nationally

In an effort to offer consumers unparalleled quality products, CavinKare under its dairy wing announced the launch of a new milk brand – H-Milk. Bringing to retail format for the first time in India, the brand offers bottled cow milk with no cream removed which is directly sourced from the villages of Tamil Nadu. As part of the launch, the brand has also roped in popular South India Actor, Meena Sagar as its brand ambassador.

H-Milk’s launch marks the strengthening of CavinKare’s dairy category. To meet the dietary needs of consumers, H-Milk offers the wholesome benefits of cow milk with no cream removed, directly sourced from farm and offered straight to the tables of consumers. This rich, enriching milk promises unadulterated quality at an affordable price point that are neatly bottled in a sterile environment at Kancheepuram factories.

Innovation is the heart of every brand

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. B P Ravindran, Business Head – Beverages & Dairy, said “Innovation is the heart of every brand at CavinKare. We are constantly putting our minds together to bring consumers products that are of highest quality without compromising on nutrition. Albeit India leading the way in dairy production, consumers are still on the look-out for milk that is uncompromised in nutrition and quality. This specific requirement has driven us to source milk directly from the farmers of South India and supply it to the consumers’ table. H-Milk is a wholesome milk brand that will provide right amount of nutrition to the entire family.”

“Cavin’s has been setting benchmarks in the industry by offering unparalleled quality products. With H-Milk we are confident that we will further strengthen our market position and increase our share significantly. The price point and packaging are conscious efforts to stay close to our roots (using milk from glass bottle like in earlier days) and satisfy our consumer needs in an effective manner.” He further added.

H-Milk, contains several nutrients that are obtained directly from cow milk which help meet daily dietary needs. Priced at Rs. 28 H-Milk is available in 500ml bottles across Kirana stores and retail outlets.

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