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CavinKare has launched its Cooking and Table Butter range

It is priced at ₹68 for 100g to ₹330 for 500g

The Chennai-based FMCG major CavinKare has launched butter under its Cavin’s brand. It comes out with two variants – cooking and table butter.

Manuranjith Ranganathan, Director, Retail, CavinKare, said that with the dairy segment expected to grow rapidly on changing dietary preferences, this would be an ideal time to launch butter products. With the recently launched Cavin’s cheese gaining wider acceptance, the company expects a similar response to butter products as well.

Cavin’s cold chain offerings like curd, paneer, cheese, and ambient offerings like milkshakes, premium milkshakes, buttermilk, and lassi are high-demand products in the market. To further strengthen the foothold, Cavin’s has other cold-chain offerings in the pipeline, including yogurt shakes and flavoured cheese.

Available across kirana stores and retail outlets in Tamil Nadu, the butter are available in different SKUs starting from 100g at ₹68 to 500g at ₹330, the release said.

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