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Buttermilk to Ice cream by dairy brands are capitalising on the summer boom

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As mercury levels soar and heat wave conditions grip various parts of India, beverage and dairy companies are experiencing a welcome boost in sales. The scorching weather may be a challenge for many, but it’s proving to be a boon for businesses dealing in thirst-quenching beverages, curd, buttermilk, and ice creams.

According to Jayen Mehta, Managing Director of Amul, the leading dairy cooperative in India, the growth in sales has been remarkable, reaching up to 30%. Specific regions such as Uttar Pradesh, East India, South India, and Maharashtra are witnessing even higher growth rates ranging from 35% to over 50%.

Manish Bandlish, managing director of Mother Dairy, echoes this sentiment, highlighting that the summer season has been exceptionally favourable for the industry, with sales skyrocketing by over 40% in many product categories.

Mother Dairy, established under the initiative of ‘Operation Flood’, has played a vital role in making India self-sufficient in milk production. Today, Mother Dairy offers a diverse range of products including milk, cultured products, ice creams, and more, under its trusted brand.

Bandlish also highlighted the importance of innovation in meeting consumer preferences, by stating, “People are looking at a lot of innovation. People are looking for any organisation to give them some exciting new products. So when we look at our new launches, for example, it’s a combination of Indian flavours, coupled with some international flavours.

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There is a market for youngsters who want something very exciting, so we give them a new international flavour. Some traditional people want to continue with the same Pista Kulfi and all that, so we definitely want to give them the right product. So it’s a combination of both that we do.”

Meanwhile, Amul recently announced its expansion into the US market by introducing a range of milk variants to cater to the Indian diaspora and Asian communities. Jayen Mehta stated that Amul’s fresh milk products including Amul Gold, Amul Shakti, Amul Taaza, buttermilk, curd, paneer etc will be available soon to customers in the US.

He also highlighted that protein-rich offerings, organics, and probiotics will be the growth drivers for Amul going ahead.

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