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Britannia hit 52 week high in stocks post Quarterly results

Britannia has just been declared second most preferred  brand  In Food and beverage section, this week. In March quarter Britannia showed a 26% rise in net profit and 2 % rise in revenue for March quarter. Mr Varun Berry MD Britannia is not keen on pushing vocal for local campaign due to two reasons. First he is positive about Indian consumers considering them as a national brand and secondly they have international clientele also. Britannia gives full credit to seamless supply chain wh9ch they created in March after the lockdown. In the beginning it was a crippled supply chain and lack of labors but sooner the packaged food consumption at households supported the operations and now Britannia is back to 100 % of its production capacities except for the units in red Zone. As per Mr Berry, Britannia is working on immunity products and would be launching it only after developing a disruptive product.

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