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BJP’s Vote Politics Is Evident :Amul Not raising milk price in Gujarat

Accusing BJP of doing vote bank politics, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Thursday said it is evident from the way it put on hold the hike in milk prices of a nationally known milk brand in poll-bound Gujarat.

Banerjee, who was inaugurating a community Kali Puja at Janbazar in the city, said the saffron party is “jealous” of her government and ignores the good work done by it in the past 11 years as it is only interested in showing her government in poor light for narrow political gains.

She claimed that in the 11 years of Trinamool Congress’ rule in Bengal employment has risen by 40 percent while there has been a decline in the employment figure in the rest of the country.

On the issue of the rise in milk prices by a nationally known state cooperative, Banerjee said,  “Have you ever heard that the milk price of the same brand has not increased in Gujarat whereas it has been hiked in Bengal and some other states?

“Is this because of impending elections in Gujarat? Will you (BJP regime) always treat states like Bengal in such a differential manner,” the strident critic of the saffron party said.

Dates for the Assembly poll in Gujarat are likely to be announced post-Diwali.

Speaking about development projects in Bengal, she said upcoming projects like the Tajpur port and the freight corridor in south Bengal will generate thousands of jobs in the coming days.

“You (BJP) are jealous. You can never emulate the work of the TMC-run government. You can only conspire to derail our projects. All the Metro Rail projects in the city were initiated by me (during her stint as railway minister).  What was your role in executing development projects of the state?” Banerjee said.

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