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Union Minister released the report “Basic Animal Husbandry Statistics- 2020”. This report contains tabulated data sets giving production estimates for major livestock products like Milk, Eggs, Meat and Wool.

Key highlights of this report from the dairy sectors are summarised as below:

The milk production in India has grown by 5.69% to reach 198.4 MT in 2019-20 with per capita availability of milk reaching a new level of 406 ml.

Milk production has increased in Cross bred exotic cow category only by 10.95% . There has been a decline of 3.1% and 4.46% in milk production by non-descript /indigenous cows and buffalos respectively. Following graph shows the species wise production of milk.

The states of UP, Rajasthan, MP, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh collectively produce 52.96% of total milk production in India with UP contributing almost one sixth of total milk production. Karnataka , Arunachal Pradesh , Haryana, Rajasthan and MP remained as the top 5 fastest growing states in milk production.

The average yield of cross bred exotic animals grew to 8.20 litres per day and that of non-descript/ indigenous cows at 3.08 litres per day.

Source BAHS 2020 by DAHD govt of India : summarised by Editorial Team dairynews7x7

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