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Baramulla has become face of new white revolution’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday said that the Baramulla district in north Kashmir has become the face of new white revolution and over 5.5 lakh liters of milk were being produced on a daily basis in the district.

Addressing the nation in his monthly radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’, the PM said that Jammu and Kashmir was being discussed throughout the world for positive developments.

“Some time ago I told you in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ how Nadru of Kashmir is relished outside the country as well. Now people of Baramulla district have done a great job,” he said.

Modi said farming was going on in the district for a long time but there was a shortage of milk.

“People in Baramulla took this challenge as an opportunity and started working in the dairy sector in large numbers and women were the first ones to come forward in this sector,” he said.

Citing an example, the PM said, Ishrat Nabi, a graduate from Nehlpora, Pattan had set up her dairy unit ‘Mir Sisters Dairy Farm’.

“At her dairy unit, approximately 150 litres of milk are sold every day,” he said.

Ishrat has set up her dairy unit under the Integrated Dairy Development Scheme (IDDS) of the Animal Husbandry Department. Under the scheme, the department, after proper verification, provides a 50 percent subsidy on each machine or any other equipment required to set up the dairy unit.

“We had to invest our full money for setting up a shed and applied for the subsidy for procurement of machines and livestock,” Yamar Meer, Ishrat’s brother said.

“We have 12 cows at our dairy unit that produce a huge quantity of milk on a daily basis,” he said.

As per the guidelines of the scheme, the Animal Husbandry Department provides support in terms of incentives and subsidies for the establishment of dairy units, establishment of milk collection, chilling, and processing unit besides the establishment of market infrastructure including milk ATMs and establishment of milk and milk product transportation system.

Meanwhile, citing another successful example of a dairy unit, the PM said Wasim Enayat from Sopore area of the district has more than two-dozen animals at his farm.

“He sells more than 200 litres of milk every day,” he said.

Modi said another youth, Abid Hussain Mir from Nillah, Pattan also works in the dairy sector and the Animal Husbandry Department in Baramulla district has sponsored his unit under IDDS 2022-23.

“His enterprise is also progressing so well,” he said.

The PM said that due to the efforts of such people, more than 5.5 litres of milk were being produced daily in Baramulla.

“Entire Baramulla is becoming the face of a new white revolution as more than 500 dairy units have been set up in the district in the last two and a half years to 3 years,” he said.

Modi said that Baramulla’s dairy industry was testimony to the fact that every part of the country was full of possibilities.

“The collective will of the people of any region can help achieve any target,” he said.

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