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Atma Nirbhar Bharat : Farmers of Jamui Village in Bharat set up min plant to process milk

Following Vocal for Local initiative of Sh Narendra Modi ji, dairy farmers from Jamui village , district Jamui Bihar set up their own mini dairy plant during the times of Corona. The problem escalated when Sudha Cooperative from Bihar federation stopped collecting milk from their center. The milk supply from this cluster was close to 7000-7500 lpd which got dropped down to 3000-3500 due to lockdown and closure of all hotels, restaurants and tea shops. Rupal Kumar a farmer from Malaypur village of Barhat block having 500 LPD from 200 cows began converting his milk into Paneer, butter , curd and ghee. The products were demanded by the local population in large quantities. Public supported such initiatives in the district and preferred buying dairy products from the farmers directly rather than  buying branded products from the market.

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