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Assam: Purabi Dairy organises Calf Show

The West Assam Milk Producers Cooperative Union Limited (WAMUL), popularly known as Purabi Dairy, on Saturday organised a mega Calf Show in Pathsala to highlight the effectiveness and benefits of artificial insemination.

The day-long event was attended by Assam’s agriculture and dairy minister Atul Bora, Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs minister Ranjeet Kumar Dass, and minister for Cooperation Nandita Gorlosa. Meenesh C Shah, Chairman, NDDB too graced the occasion as a special guest.

The exhibition showcased 100 female calves produced through Artificial Insemination (AI) in Assam through the Doorstep AI delivery service under the World Bank financBank-financed project implemented by WAMUL and the technical support being provided by NDDB Dairy Services.

High Genetic merit calves of Indigenous breeds like Gir, Sahiwal and Red Sindhi, and cross-breeds between indigenous breeds and Holstein Friesian (HF) / Jersey (JY) participated in the show. A few calves of exotic breeds like HF and JY were also displayed. F1 mothers of Sahiwal, Jersey and Red Sindhi were also displayed in the show.

Meenesh Shah, chairman, NDDB said dairying is one of the most important and effective sources of livelihood in the agriculture and allied sector.

Further, Shah elaborated on the benefits of dairying which is no more limited to milk and milk products and extends to gobar gas for fuel and slurry for organic manure.

On the aspect of productivity, Chairman NDDB also highlighted the role of feed and fodder which needs to be developed on a larger scale.

“We have observed that the districts covered under milk procurement by WAMUL are having the best AI adoption, as there is a ready market for their milk round the year,” the NDDB chairman said.

The joint venture between GoA and NDDB and the launch of the fodder mission is expected to drive the cooperative dairying into a Golden Period in Assam Dairy Development.

Assam, currently, is a milk deficit state, and procures much of its needs from other parts of the country. Moreover, per capita milk consumption is also low compared to the national average. (ANI)

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