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Ananda,Amul & DMS sell best quality Paneer : 9th May Dairynews7x7

This channel covers dairy-related news from India and abroad. It will cover top seven dairy news from last seven days. The news will air on every Sunday. The channel will have expert interviews, market and technical analysis and a lot more sections very soon


Seven news in this edition are as follows :

  1. Ananda, Amul and DMS are top quality brands in packaged Paneer
  2. PLI scheme for dairy products launched
  3. MOU between NDDB and EESL for energy efficient solutions to dairy industry
  4. District level closed dairy plants in AP to be leased out to Amul
  5. IFC to acquire 6.41% stake in Parag Milk Foods; Stock zooming up
  6. Dutch Dairy Industry Review
  7. Global Dairy prices at May 4th GDT event

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Kuldeep Sharma Chief editor

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