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There has been a surge in the consumption of dairy whiteners these days. Those who use them in coffee and tea find it dissolves easily and gives their tea a very great whitening ability. We have a good number of dairy whitener brands available in the market which gets sold on different claims. Be it an easily dissolvable quality promise, taste, colour or something else. Now the question is if a particular brand contains all ingredients right. The below report comes with the best dairy whitener brand information, tested parameters details and relevant test results, so that you choose the best.—-Consumer Voice Report

Voice Society, Based in New Delhi, the organisation has championed consumer education in the country since 1983. Over the years, VOICE has been representing consumers and protecting their interests with policy-makers, the judiciary and statutory regulatory bodies.

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In the recently conducted study Dairy Whiteners under High Fat and medium Fat categories were tested and analysed. The testing primarily followed FSS regulations and IS: 12299. Eight popular dairy whitener brands were selected for comparative testing as per the finalised test program.

As per the study conducted, Ananda secured top position in the High Fat category and Mother Dairy topped in the Medium Fat Category.Nestle has been liked the most in sensory.

Product Ratings

Key Findings

• Ananda and Mother Dairy are value for money brands respectively in high fat and medium fat categories.
• Five out of eight brands did not meet FSSAI’s milk protein standards as they have been found with lower than
minimum requirement. Highest Protein has been found in Ananda followed by Amulya and Mother Dairy.
• Milk Fat has been found highest in Amulya and Nova in respective categories.
• Nestle has been liked most in sensory tests followed by Mother Dairy and Signutra.
• Milk Solid Fat has been found highest in Ananda in high fat category and Nestle in medium fat category.
• Amulya is only ISI marked.
• All the brands contained added sugar (as sucrose) in the range of 15.20- 18.8 per cent. It has been found lowest
in Nestle and highest in Nova.
• All the brands have been found microbiologically safe for consumption.

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Milk protein

Protein is an essential nutrient and inherently found in milk and milk products. It plays an important role in cellular maintenance, growth and functioning of the human body. Milk protein shall be minimum 34 per cent as per the FSS
regulations. Milk protein (in solid not fat) was found highest in Ananda and lowest in Verka in the High Fat category. In the medium fat category it was highest in Mother Dairy and lowest in Signutra. The Brands Signutra, Nova, Nestle, Verka and Anik did not match the FSSR requirement of minimum 34 per cent by mass.

About Consumer Voice

From 1991 onwards, VOICE has been spearheading an independent and non-partisan programme on “comparative testing of products” with the technical support of Stiftung Warentest of Germany. Its activities have been supported by the government of India’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs besides other ministries and departments. VOICE provides independent and unbiased reviews of food products, consumer durables, financial and banking services and much more. It also runs a legal help-desk for consumers.

Source : Consumer Voice Nov 2021

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